Choice Encounters

Choice encounters present you with choices that can lead to a combat or a noncombat encounter.

See also: Chance of Choice Encounters

List of Choice Encounters

Abandoned Barrel Southside Park (before quest)
Abandoned Cube Farm Records Office
Abduction Southside Park
Abominable Snowman Competition The Quad
A Click The Charnel House
Addict By Osmosis Midgard Laboratory
A Faceless Hero The Black Book
Against The Bugs The Black Book
A Lake Covered By Mists The Charnel House (Reopened)
A Message From Big M The Quad
Ancient Shroom Mushroom Cavern
Ancient Thatched Hut Fractured Reflection (Winter)
Andrea the Grad Student Tainted Shoreline
Anti-Tampering Measures Party Floor (setup)
Apathetic Argument The Happy Hour
Approaching The Fish Waterfront
Approaching Worker Misty Offices
Arcane Tongue Midgard Laboratory
A Room From The Vision Midgard Laboratory
Artful Decorating Basement Ballroom (2010)
Arthur J. VIP Room
Art Museum Candy Hall of Paintings
Avatar Of Flame Halloween Party 2009
Babbling Punks Halloween Setup 2009
Back Door Barrels Halloween Setup 2009
Back Down with the Living Midgard Laboratory
Bare Tree Fractured Reflection (Autumn)
Bartender The Happy Hour
Bartending To Bad Taste Happy Hour Halloween
Bat Colony Dockside Sewers
Bauble Fish Waterfront
Beach Corpse Tainted Shoreline
Beaten Man Abandoned Building
Bedridden King Dusty Encounters
Being Tracked Special Encounters
Better Dressed Than Most Construction Site
Biotech Locker Room Midgard Bioresearch
Bloodied Scientist Fourth Floor
Blooming Tree Fractured Reflection (Spring)
Blue Punch Hall of Paintings
Bored Guard Midgard Laboratory
Bored Guy The Quad (During Protest)
Bowl Of Candy Halloween Party 2009
Bowl Of Punch Halloween Party 2009
Branching Caverns Tunnels Of The Black Book
Bright Green Punch Basement Ballroom (2010)
Broken Lab Beneath The Dorms
Broken Skeleton Halloween Setup 2009
Bum Selling Stuff Southside Park
Buried Student Collapsed Dorm
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