Choice Encounters

Choice encounters present you with choices that can lead to a combat or a noncombat encounter.

See also: Chance of Choice Encounters

List of Choice Encounters

Called Back To The Tablet Hall Of Sculptures
Calm Section Below The Charnel House
Candy Bargain Quad
Captured Pool Shark The Quad
Carving Tombstones Hall of Paintings
Catburgling On The Catwalk Midgard Warehouse
Caterer Discussion Banquet Room (2019)
Cavern Grove Mushroom Cavern
Cell Block Buried Lab
Chained Lake Fires Of The Black Book
Chance Of Choice Encounters Bonuses
Chasing The Pool Shark Pre Quest The Quad (During Protest)
Chess In The Park Southside Park
Child Playing Solo Fractured Reflection (Spring)
Choice Encounters Encounters
Clay Fountain Parking Garage (2021)
Clearer Water Lake Metroplex (South)
Clipboard Dilemma Midgard Warehouse
Coal Shipment Waterfront
Coatless Homeless Southside Park (before quest)
Cold Storage Records Vault
Collapsing Tunnel Mining Encounters
College Druggy The Quad
Colorless Green Thoughts Sleep Furiously Halloween Maze
Computer Lab Coffee Machine Computer Lab
Concert Starting Soon Emerald Gift Party
Conspiring Punk The Quad
Counter-Party Plan VIP Room
Couriers Sewer Hideout
Crate Shipment Waterfront
Crate Towers Basement Ballroom (2010)
Crazy Hermit Fight Fractured Reflection (Spring)
Criss-Crossing Foam Hall Of Paintings (Halloween 2013)
Cubicle Patrol Records Office
Dancing Fae Dockside Sewers
Dark Cubicles Party Floor (setup)
Dark Stone Altar Tunnels Of The Black Book
Desperate Dock Guard Waterfront
Desperate Dockhand Waterfront
Dingy Grey Guard Hall Of Sculptures
Disruptive Punk Halloween Setup 2009
DJ The Happy Hour
Dock Chat Waterfront (Before Quest)
Dreaming Of A White Christmas The Quad
Dr. Johnson, I presume? Fifth Floor
Dr. Mira Talks Midgard Laboratory
Drunk Poser The Happy Hour
Drunk Third Eye The Happy Hour
Dry Riverbed The Charnel House (Reopened)
Dumpster Diving Southside Park
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