Choice Encounters

Choice encounters present you with choices that can lead to a combat or a noncombat encounter.

See also: Chance of Choice Encounters

List of Choice Encounters

Dumpster With Digger Abandoned Subway
Dusty Throne Room Dusty Encounters
Echoes Of The Past Abandoned Subway
Eclipse Crates Sewer Hideout
Emaciated Man Ghost Ship
Emerald Gift On Stage Emerald Gift Party
Empty Breakroom Midgard Bioresearch
Empty House Sewer Hideout
Empty Stage Basement Ballroom (2010)
Eurasian Arms Dealer VIP Room
Evil Eye In The Park Southside Park
Executive Pursuit The Quad
Ex-Fang In The Park Southside Park
Fae Acrobatics Mushroom Cavern
Fae Follower Mushroom Cavern
Faerie At The Nest Tainted Shoreline
Faerie Guide Dockside Sewers (before quest)
Faerie Target Dockside Sewers
Familiar Face Waterfront
Fang Addict Dockside Sewers
Fang Boss Sewer Hideout
Fang Graffiti Dockside Sewers (before quest)
Fantasy Library Dusty Encounters
Far Above The Sea Fourth Floor
Festive Pier Waterfront
Fifth To Sixth Floor Fifth Floor
Figure in Flames The Quad
Fireworks Trade The Quad
First And Second Floor Third Floor
Fishing Tales Waterfront
Fleeing Pool Shark The Quad
Fleeing Pool Shark Pre Quest The Quad (During Protest)
Flitting Faelet Dockside Sewers
Floating Skull In The Niche Records Vault
Flooded Mine Shaft Special Encounters
Flower Field Fractured Reflection (Spring)
Forest Pool (Winter) Fractured Reflection (Winter)
Forked Intersection Tunnels Of The Black Book
Forsaken Moor Hall of Paintings
Fourth And Second Floor Third Floor
Fourth And Third Floor Second Floor
Fourth To Fifth Floor Fourth Floor
Frat Leader Halloween Setup 2009
Friendly Bum Southside Park
Friendly Bum Introduction Southside Park (before quest)
Frightened Caterers Banquet Room (2019)
Front Gate Midgard Laboratory
Gate Out Of The Slags The Slags
Gate To The Slags Outside The Slags
Get Back To Work Hollow Dorms
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