Choice Encounters

Choice encounters present you with choices that can lead to a combat or a noncombat encounter.

See also: Chance of Choice Encounters

List of Choice Encounters

Silent Argument Misty Offices
Sixth To Fifth Floor Sixth Floor
Skull In The Niche Records Vault
Slab Of Rotting Meat The Charnel House
Sleeping Fangs Sewer Hideout
Sleeping Soundly Sewer Hideout
Sleeping Vault Terminal Records Vault
Slick Third Eye The Happy Hour
Slimy Student VIP Room
Slow Mining Drone Collapsed Dorm
Small Hut Fractured Reflection (Autumn)
Smashy, Smashy Basement Ballroom (2010)
Smelling Of Petrol Party Floor (setup)
Smuggler's Market Waterfront
Snow Goons (2009) The Quad
Snow Goons 2011 The Quad
Snow Goons 2014 The Quad
Snowy Tree Fractured Reflection (Winter)
Soothing Stacks Records Vault
Sorceress's Blessing Dusty Encounters
Southside Lab Corpsepile Buried Lab
Southside Lab Office Buried Lab
Specialty Wares VIP Room
Spider Drone Midgard Warehouse
Spying On The Supervisor Midgard Warehouse
Squatter King's Door Squatter's Refuge
Squatter King's Secret Entrance Dockside Sewers
Stacks Of Crates Midgard Warehouse
Stage Setup Basement Ballroom (2010)
Stairway Punk Halloween Setup 2009
Stairway To Heaven Hollow Dorms
Stout Tower Fractured Reflection (Autumn)
Strange Tunnel Dockside Sewers (before quest)
Strange Vines Misty Offices
Striding Hut Special Encounters
Student Selling Books The Quad
Subway Dweller Conversation Abandoned Subway
Supervisor's Office Midgard Warehouse
Surveillance Room Buried Lab
Suzy Statue Fan Hall Of Sculptures
Tall White Wall Below The Charnel House
Tentacled Man Midgard Laboratory
Testing Lab Midgard Bioresearch
The Artist The Charnel House
The Bone Shaman Ghost Ship
The Dead End Tunnels Of The Black Book
The Eclipse Trade Sewer Hideout
The Helm Ghost Ship
The Replacement Abandoned Building
The Stash Sewer Hideout
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