Christmas is a recurring holiday during December. The traditional snowman-building contest takes place every year on the quad.

For details, see:

The contest is similar every year, with additional elements added over time. The following page lists the current state of the snowman contest, with notes about changes over the years listed on individual pages for each year. The festivities normally start on December 20th.

For a rundown of all those sweet Christmas gifts, see Christmas Rewards. See Christmas Strategies for additional details on preparing for the contest.

New Snowy Quad image:


The Waterfront

Coal Shipment - after searching for coal on the quad

  1. Dig them out - gain 3-4 lumps of coal
  2. Look for the source - gain 10-15 lumps of coal once per day, or 4 XP Perception?
  3. Leave it be - walk away

The Dorms

Abominable Snowman Leaderboard

The Happy Hour


  1. I have a request!
    1. Something festive - affects Everyday Disco

Everyday Disco (with festive music playing)

  1. Join the chat - 3 XP Perception
  2. Try dancing - Gain 20 energy of Classic Carols
  3. Pick pockets - Gain various items, and with sufficient Stealth Power, once per day, gain peppermint schnapps
  4. Start a fight - Fight Punk Student
  5. Skirt around - Walk away

The Quad

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
As you're wandering through the Quad, you find their annual Abominable Snowman contest. Looks like one of them is moving around and he has your hat. Unlock one instance for each use of a silk top hat
As you make your way across the Quad a snowman charges towards you, its mouth open in a terrible scream. What sort of lunatic is giving these things axes? Unlock one instance for each 3 Swarms of Tiny Snowmen killed
As you're wandering through the Quad, you find someone's built a snowman away from the mass of the Abominable Snowman contest. Actually, it seems to be dragging itself towards you with its branch arms.

As you consider what to do, its snowy mouth opens and a gout of fire escapes.
Only after throwing 3(?) molotov cocktails in the Abominable Snowman Competition
A pair of security guards tromp through the snow, looking equally irritated at you and the weather. However, it would seem they can't bring their batons and gas to bear against the weather. Unlock for the rest of the event by throwing a molotov cocktail in the Abominable Snowman Competition
As you make your way across the Quad, a light glints into your eyes from above, drawing your attention towards a surreal sight. A bird birthed of clear ice has turned its attention towards you, closing the distance with a few fluid movements of its wings. With ice carving chisel equipped, after some number of swans built (globally)
The snows clear for a moment to reveal a huge snowman seated on an equally massive throne. She raises an icicle, pointing it at you like a declaration of war, while the snows grow thicker and block out all vision of the Quad beyond. Some conditions related to the Icy Throne and/or some amount of scariness level reached?

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
Icy Throne Frigid Rulership After some amount of ice carving? I was etheric and had ice carving chisel equipped

coffee.jpg Abominable Snowman Competition
  1. Roll some snow - Unlocks "Stack your snow", 4 XP Strength
  2. Look for branches - Gain 2-3 gnarled branches
  3. Look for coal - Unlocks Coal Shipment choice encounter on the Waterfront
  4. Stack your snow - Unlocks "Finish your snowman", 3 XP each Reflexes and Strength
  5. Finish your snowman - Makes a snowman if you have 2 lumps of coal and 2 gnarled branches, unlocks "Add more claws", "Add more eyes", "Add some fangs"
  6. Add more claws - Adds 1 to Abomonometer rating, 4 XP Will, uses 2 gnarled branches
  7. Add more eyes - Adds 1 to Abomonometer rating, 4 XP Perception, uses 2 lumps of coal
  8. Add some fangs - Adds 3 to Abomonometer rating, 5 XP Reflexes, uses 2 icicle fangs
  9. Add a horn - Adds 3 to Abomonometer rating, 6 XP Will, uses 1 sharp stick
  10. Add a head - Adds 4 to Abomonometer rating, 6 XP Will, uses 1 snowman head
  11. Throw a Molotov - unlocks 2 Midgard Security encounter, lose 1 molotov cocktail, and every 3 throw unlocks an instance of Pyrotechnic Snowman.
  12. Check things out - Gain XP depending on progress of competition
  13. Leave them alone - Walk away

coffee.jpg Help For Hipsters
  1. Help out - Construct a monstrous snowman or a bunch of tiny snowmen
  2. Look at snowmen - Gain 2 XP Perception and 2-4 XP Will
  3. Sing about wassailing (With Classic Carols active) - gain holiday hot cocoa
  4. No thanks - Walk away

Eclipse.jpg Snow Goons
  1. Pick one off - fight a Fresh Snowman
  2. Charge a fanged one - fight a Fanged Snowman
  3. Approach a horned one - fight a Horned Snowman
  4. Rush a staring one - fight a Staring Snowman
  5. Cut off the many heads - fight a Manyheaded Snowman
  6. Challenge the giant - fight a Towering Snowman
  7. Rampage through the little ones - fight a Swarm of Tiny Snowmen
  8. Rampage through the big ones - Fight 2 Fresh Snowmen, which turn into a Fuzed Snowmen
  9. Run in terror - Gain 3 XP in Strength, and a hint about snowsnakes if unlocked
  10. Back away slowly - Walk away

Piled Blocks of Ice — if you have the ice carving chisel equipped

  1. Check the ice - learn Unmelting Ice Brick recipe
  2. Carve a swan - gain 2 XP Will, or with 4+ bricks installed, carve a swan and gain 20 XP Will
  3. Add an ice brick (with an unmelting ice brick) - lose unmelting ice brick
  4. Leave it be - walk away

During Christmas, the following recipe is available:

Cook up a bowl of Cake Batter. Decorate with a Strawberry and freshly fallen snow.
Can only be made during the Christmas season
Cake Batter Strawberry
= 2-3 Christmas Cake Slice
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