Christmas 2009


The holiday season kicked off December 1st, though no official announcement was posted.

The Main Event

December 1st, 2009

December 5th, 2009

December 12th, 2009

  • The Abominable Snowman Competition began on The Quad, and the annual distribution of fake Christmas trees began. There were a couple somewhat difficult or morally unChristmaslike ways to get one the first couple days, but pretty soon some friendly neighborhood suppliers showed up in the park to hand them out for free.

During the Abominable Snowman Competition, players could make snowmen, gather materials to make them scarier, or go etheric and attempt to destroy them (although unlike Halloween 2009 there was no direct player-player interaction with the content). Beginning with the most common lumps of coal (eyes) and gnarled branches (arms), as the holiday progressed people could find more snowmen to fight. These in turn dropped more items or even transformed some of the earlier ones, and certain of these new items could be used to make even scarier snowmen.

Some unknown enterprising students kept track of all the various snowman-related activity by projecting three leaderboards on to the side of the art museum: Most Built, Most Destroyed, and Scariest.



See Christmas 2009 Adventures for more details.


The Etheric post-protest quad (in the order they appeared):

Miscellaneous bums, hipster students and guards appeared in special holiday choice encounters without being new enemies.


Frost Breath
Gnarled Claw


First, here's a list of items you could put on snowmen, in the rough order they appeared. "# to Scariness Ratio" indicates how many of that item you could put on a snowman in one encounter, and how much scariness that encounter would then add.

Item Source Scariness to # Ratio
lump of coal various 2 : 1
gnarled branch various 2 : 1
icicle fang fanged snowman 2:3
sharp stick horned snowman 1 : 3

And miscellaneous other stuff. Each section is organized by the rough order they appeared in, or else just thrown together (cough):

Upgraded Snowman Drops
Item Source
frosty claw getting a gnarled branch frozen by a snowman
bloody icicle losing a fight with an icicle fang equipped
crackling branch getting a sharp stick electrified by a horned snowman
unmelting snowflakes sampling snowmen, salvaging frigid scarves or icicles, or adventuring with a frigid scarf equipped
smoldering coal horned snowman
silk top hat choice encounter / evil snowman if he stole it
third hand pipe evil snowman
carrot nose evil snowman
frigid scarf evil snowman
ordinary scarf salvaging a frigid scarf
red glass ornament staring snowman
green glass ornament staring snowman
giant snowflake towering snowman
snowy cookie tin christmas tree
tiny gift christmas tree
festive candy cane tiny gift
christmas tree cookie tiny gift
bell cookie tiny gift
star sugar cookie tiny gift
gingerbread man tiny gift



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