Christmas 2009 Adventures

On The Quad

Combat encounters

Noncombat encounters

Christmas Call Only while not etheric and not any music playing any Music
Early Christmas Present If you helped the executive in the Executive Pursuit choice?
Abominable Snowman Leaderboard (Dec 12 and later)

Choice Encounters

Executive Pursuit

  1. Listen in - ?
  2. Corner the man
    1. Ask him what's happening - ?
    2. Let them talk - Unlocks Dreaming of a White Christmas choice encounter
    3. Scare them off - Unlocks Hassle Free Executive choice encounter
    4. Turn on them - Unlocks Hassle Free Executive choice encounter
  3. Block the students - Unlocks Hassle Free Executive choice encounter
  4. Attack them - Unlocks Hassle Free Executive choice encounter
  5. Leave it be - Walk away?

Dreaming of a White Christmas
(Helping the students corner the man in Executive Pursuit)

  1. Complain about the Man -
  2. Complain about the weather -
  3. Let him complain -
  4. Make your excuses - Walk away?

Hassle Free Executive
(After blocking the students in Executive Pursuit)

  1. Ask about the students -
  2. Ask about the carols -
  3. Ask about Halloween -
  4. Leave him - Walk away?

Abominable Snowman Competition

  1. Roll some snow -
  2. Look for branches -
  3. Look for coal -
  4. Check things out -
  5. Leave them alone -

Snow Goons
(Replaces Abominable Snowman Competition if Etheric?)

  1. Pick one off -
  2. Run in terror -
  3. Back away slowyl -

At The Docks

Noncombat encounters

Christmas carnage ?

Choice Encounters

Festive Pier (Must have found out about trees at the pier from sleeping bum in southside)

  1. Approach peacefully-
  2. Charge in-
  3. Draw one out-
  4. Wait and see-
  5. Steal a tree-
  6. Leave them-

Coal Shipment

  1. Dig them out -
  2. Look for the source -
  3. Leave it be -

In Southside Park

Noncombat encounters

Christmas Tree Handout (Dec 13 and later (with Christmas cheer?))

Choice Encounters

Under the Tree

  1. Ask him about it - unlocks Festive Pier at the Waterfront
  2. Enjoy the tree -
  3. Grab the tree - Fight an insane bum who drops a Fake Christmas Tree
  4. Let him sleep -
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