Christmas 2010


The holiday season kicked off on December 13th, with the following announcement:

  • Although the Metroplex hasn't officially started holiday festivities, it seems OmniTech has its own ideas.

The Main Event

December 13th, 2010

  • The text for the gift link on OmniMall changed to

Be sure to send your holiday gifts through OmniMall!

  • A new music option became available to request from the DJ in the Happy Hour, festive music. This led to some new outcomes in the Everyday Disco encounter.

December 19th, 2010

The Abominable Snowman contest starts.


See Christmas 2010 Adventures for more details.






Christmas Day rewards

Using a fake christmas tree on christmas day:

It's finally time to open all these presents!

You found: rustling present

You found: cookie tin

Plus, if you participated in the snowman contest, you get varying amounts of the following, depending on what you did:

A pile of gifts came in overnight in Metroplex U wrapping paper. You haul them into your apartment.

You found: handmade snowflake (square root of number of kills)

You found: silver glass ornament (square root of number built)

You found: blindingly festive LED (one, if on the leaderboards?)

You found: coal ornament (square root of maximum scariness)

You found: snowy cookie tin (not always)

You found: yellow virus ornament (square root of sites infected)

You found: clear virus ornament (square root of sites crushed)

You found: miniature Christmas tree (one, if you participated in each of the above five contests?)

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