Christmas 2010 Adventures

The Quad

Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Results Notes
Christmas Call Gain 50 energy of Viral Carols Only if you have no Hardening, are not not Etheric, and have no other music playing
Free Trees (Quad) Gain a fake Christmas tree Only if somebody has shipped trees from the Crate Shipment (and if you haven't already gotten a tree this year?)

Choice Encounters

Abominable Snowman Competition - (Only if not Etheric)

  1. Roll some snow - Unlocks "Stack your snow", 4 XP Strength
  2. Look for branches - Gain 2-3 gnarled branches
  3. Look for coal - Unlocks Coal Shipment choice encounter on the Waterfront
  4. Stack your snow - Unlocks "Finish your snowman", 3 XP each Reflexes and Strength
  5. Finish your snowman - Makes a snowman if you have 2 lumps of coal and 2 gnarled branches, unlocks "Add more claws", "Add more eyes", "Add some fangs"
  6. Add more claws - Adds 1 to Abomonometer rating, 4 XP Will, uses 2 gnarled branches
  7. Add more eyes - Adds 1 to Abomonometer rating, 4 XP Perception, uses 2 lumps of coal
  8. Add some fangs - Adds 3 to Abomonometer rating, 5 XP Reflexes, uses 2 icicle fangs
  9. Add a horn - Adds 3 to Abomonometer rating, 6 XP Will, uses 1 sharp stick
  10. Check things out - Gain XP depending on progress of competition, sometimes find Silk Top Hat.
  11. Leave them alone - Walk away?

Snow Goons - If Etheric

  1. Pick one off - fight a fresh snowman
  2. Charge a fanged one - fight a fanged snowman
  3. Approach a horned one - fight a horned snowman
  4. Rush a staring one - fight a staring snowman
  5. Challenge the giant - fight the towering snowman (only if you have not already killed the towering snowman)
  6. Run in terror -
  7. Back away slowly -

The Docks

Choice Encounters

Guarded Trees

  1. Ask for a tree - The guards laugh at you
  2. Demand a tree - something happens
  3. Pick off a guard - something happens
  4. Leave them - something happens

Coal Shipment (Only when non-etheric?)

  1. Dig them out -
  2. Look for the source -
  3. Leave it be -

Additional options added to Crate Shipment

  1. What about trees? - Option to get a fake Christmas tree, or unlock some elsewhere?
    1. Just for me -
    2. Here at the Docks -
    3. In Southside -
    4. At the University - unlocks Free Trees (Quad) noncombat
    5. Never mind -



Encounter Results Notes
Christmas 2010 People (Mostly Students) Cleaning Things Up After the Snowman Contest In the Quad Gain 4 XP in Will, or fight Abominable Remains The fight occurs if you have not yet defeated the Freed Snowman, have used a silk top hat, and are Etheric
Snowman Cleanup Get silk top hat, 3 XP in Perception Only after defeating the Freed Snowman


Opponent Text Notes
Freed Snowman An oppressive cold pushes down on you as a strange tinkling sound of crystal against crystal fills the air.

You glance up, not a moment too soon, discovering what you can only describe as a flying snowman. It's not the weirdest thing you've ever seen, but only because you saw it tearing its way free from piled remains of the University's Abominable Snowman Contest.
Only while Etheric, and after defeating the Abominable Remains but failing to defeat its second form
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