Christmas 2011

December 15

Be sure to send your holiday gifts through OmniMall!

With no music playing:
Please enjoy today's selection of holiday favorites, courtesy of the OmniMall Director of Cheer.

You've gained 20 energy of OmniCarols.

Or, if you have your holiday music for the day:
Thank you for enjoying our music today. We'll have a new selection from the OmniMall Director of Cheer tomorrow.

Or, if you have other music playing:
OmniTech respects your privacy and music selection, but please return when you can listen to our music, courtesy of the OmniMall Director of Cheer.

  • Students at the Happy Hour start talking about Christmas.

You do an impromptu survey of the students loitering on the dance floor. For all that they're complaining about Christmas, they seem pretty excited about the university's Abominable Snowman competition.
After a rocky start a few years ago, it has official university sanction this year, which the students seem extremely pleased by. Other than that, they're looking forward to getting money from their parents to blow on music, booze, or Eclipse.
A few of them are even grudgingly excited about "OmniTech finally paying up" and providing something special for Christmas, "or at least better than more viral carols."
You've earned 3 XP in Perception

December 19

Snow appears on the quad! The annual Abominable Snowman contest begins.

New Encounters:

On the quad:
Help for Hipsters

  1. Help out
  2. Look at snowmen
  3. Where are the trees?
  4. No thanks

Also see: Snow Goons 2011

Encounters from past years:
Abominable Snowman Competition
Abominable Snowman Leaderboard

See also Christmas 2009 Adventures, Christmas 2010 Adventures.

December 25

Snowman Contest Cleanup

January 1

Snowman Cleanup encounter reappears and the Snowmonstrosity is no more.

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