Christmas 2012

It's the annual Abominable Snowman competition!

December 20

New Quad:


The Waterfront:
Coal Shipment

  1. Dig them out
  2. Look for the source
  3. Leave it be

The Dorms:
Abominable Snowman Leaderboard

The Quad:

Combat Encounters

Opponents Text Notes
Eclipse.jpg snowavenger.jpg As you make your way across the Quad a snowman charges towards you, its mouth open in a terrible scream. What sort of lunatic is giving these things axes? Only after killing at least 3 Swarms of Tiny Snowmen

Noncombat Encounters

Snowman Contest Cleanup

Choice Encoutners

coffee.jpg Help For Hipsters 2012
  1. Help out
  2. Look at snowmen
  3. Where are the trees?
  4. No thanks
coffee.jpg Abominable Snowman Competition
  1. Roll some snow - Unlocks "Stack your snow", 4 XP Strength
  2. Look for branches - Gain 2-3 gnarled branches
  3. Look for coal - Unlocks Coal Shipment choice encounter on the Waterfront
  4. Stack your snow - Unlocks "Finish your snowman", 3 XP each Reflexes and Strength
  5. Finish your snowman - Makes a snowman if you have 2 lumps of coal and 2 gnarled branches, unlocks "Add more claws", "Add more eyes", "Add some fangs"
  6. Add more claws - Adds 1 to Abomonometer rating, 4 XP Will, uses 2 gnarled branches
  7. Add more eyes - Adds 1 to Abomonometer rating, 4 XP Perception, uses 2 lumps of coal
  8. Add some fangs - Adds 3 to Abomonometer rating, 5 XP Reflexes, uses 2 icicle fangs
  9. Add a horn - Adds 3 to Abomonometer rating, 6 XP Will, uses 1 sharp stick
  10. Check things out - Gain XP depending on progress of competition
  11. Leave them alone - Walk away
Eclipse.jpg Snow Goons 2012
  1. Pick one off - fight a fresh snowman
  2. Charge a fanged one - fight a fanged snowman
  3. Approach a horned one - fight a horned snowman
  4. Rush a staring one - fight a staring snowman
  5. Challenge the giant - fight the towering snowman
  6. Rampage through the little ones - fight a Swarm of Tiny Snowmen
  7. Rampage through the big ones - Fight 2 Fresh Snowmen, which turn into a Fuzed Snowmen
  8. Run in terror -
  9. Back away slowly -



December 25

Snowman Contest Cleanup

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