Christmas 2019

Holiday Event

The annual Christmas event took place December 20-25th, 2019.

Changes for this year

The Help For Hipsters encounter has a new option to ask about the trees:

"You know that crazy girl who's always on the Quad selling books? Turns out she convinced a bunch of donors to buy overpriced trees for the students, so we got a bunch of trees and a bunch of cred to pay for stuff like the giant projection on the dorms."

He adjusts his glasses in appreciation. "It's a pretty neat trick, I think she learned it on the Halloween committee. She even got some grant money from some art institute as long as part of it goes to art tools. Anyway, she used her dark magic to conjure up enough trees for everyone on the nice list."

On receiving your fake Christmas tree, you also receive an ice carving chisel, which unlocks the Piled Blocks of Ice encounter and from there, the unmelting ice brick recipe and ice carving mechanics.

Pickpocketing Peppermint Schnapps from the Everyday Disco is now subject to 2019-added Pickpocketing mechanics.


Various items from the Fake Christmas Tree.

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