Christmas Rewards

Christmas Presents

Every year, players find special presents under their Christmas Tree after the December 23 and December 24th rollovers. The Christmas Eve gift is always a cookie tin, The Christmas Day present changes each year, but always contains a unique sweater:

Present Sweater Enchantments
2008 foil wrapped present HolidaySweater.jpg holiday sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Will
2009 expertly wrapped present Reindeer-Sweater.jpg reindeer sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Will
2010 rustling present snowflake-sweater.jpg snowflake sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Will
2011 crinkly present snowman%20sweater.jpg snowman sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Etheric Defense
2012 slithering present xmastreesweater.jpg festive tree sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Etheric Defense
2013 shifting present wreathsweater.jpg wreath sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Etheric Defense
2014 engulfed present ribbonsweater.jpg ribbon sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Etheric Defense
2015 nostalgic present HolidaySweater.jpg nostalgic sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Will
2016 fuzzy present lma%20sweater.jpg llama sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Will
2017 spicy present gingerbreadman%20sweater.jpg gingerbread sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Will
2018 forbidden present santa%20hat%20swater.jpg festive hat sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Will
2019 carved present snowflake-sweater.jpg crystalline sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Will
2020 fossilized present Dinosaurs%20sweater.png dinosaur sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Will
2021 speckled present Reindeer-Sweater.jpg red nosed sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Will
2022 sparkling present xmastreesweater.jpg gaudy tree sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Etheric Defense
2023 professional present gingerbreadman%20sweater.jpg professional cookie sweater +3 Melee Defense, +3 Etheric Defense

Like Halloween 2009, Christmas 2008 was a simpler affair:

  • Building some number of snowmen (Exact trigger unknown) placed a snowy cookie tin under the tree.
  • Defeating some number of snowmen (Exact trigger unknown) placed a cold present under the tree. Inside the present was a frosty top hat.

Other gifts:

  • From 2009 on, each Christmas Day present includes a length of tinsel.
  • In every year besides 2009, each Christmas Day present also includes a holiday fruit cake. In 2009, the fruit cake was separate from the actual present.
  • Starting in 2009, players who participate in the Abominable Snowman Competition will find a snowy cookie tin under their tree.
  • For Christmas 2008, 2010, and 2011, players found an extra cookie tin under the tree along with their Christmas Day present.

Christmas Ornaments

Starting in Christmas 2009, players can earn various ornamental items through Metroplex U's Abominable Snowman Competition to hang proudly on their Christmas Tree. These rewards are placed under the Christmas Tree after the competition ends. Players receive ornaments based on the square root of their leadboard score (Or their number of leaderboard spots) on the following events:
Snowmen Built Snowmen Destroyed Scariest Snowman Hipsters Helped Swans Carved Leaderboard Spots
"Builder" "Killer" "Terror" "Helper" "Carver" "Winner"
2009 painted snowflake white glass ornament icicle ornament N/A N/A gilt snowflake
2010 silver glass ornament handmade snowflake coal ornament N/A N/A blindingly festive LED
2011 silver wreath ornament silver explosion ornament bloody wreath ornament emerald heart ornament N/A star tree topper
2012 white explosion ornament red explosion ornament green explosion ornament festive head ornament N/A foil tree topper
2013 snowy wreath ornament painted wreath ornament unrealistic wreath ornament flapped snowman ornament N/A fang tree topper
2014 snowy present ornament red present ornament gingerbread present ornament festive knit ornament N/A snowglobe topper
2015 gingerbread house ornament black present ornament jagged ornament snowperson ornament N/A stocking snowman topper
2016 snowy candle ornament red candle ornament black candle ornament friendly wreath ornament N/A glittering candle ornament
2017 bloody sled ornament traditional sled ornament black sled ornament friendly candle ornament N/A sparkling sled ornament
2018 blinking white light blinking green light blinking red light blinking candle ornament N/A blinking Christmas lights
2019 ice brick ornament chisel ornament red feather ornament blue Christmas light clear swan ornament swan tree topper
2020 white candle ornament axe ornament manyeyed ornament rose sled ornament silver chisel ornament ice crown topper
2021 white Christmas light red Christmas light green Christmas light collective Christmas lights blue chisel ornament glowing crown topper
2022 bulbous Christmas light soft red light jagged Christmas light supporting Christmas light clear feather ornament tinsel star topper
2023 frosted white lights frosted red lights frosted green lights frosty heart ornament ice cube ornament searing Christmas light

Other ornaments:

OmniMall Rewards

Starting in 2010 and continuing from 2013, sending gifts to other players through OmniMall during the Christmas season qualified players for certain off-hand items:
2010 Stuffed-Llama.jpg stuffed llama
2013-2017 snowglobe.jpg snow globe
2018-present mallascarf.jpg scarfed llama
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