Christmas Strategies

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Most Christmas encounter on The Quad are Choice Encounters, so Chance of Choice Encounters can increase your chance of encountering them. Additionally, removing/minimizing other encounters in the area can increase your chance of encountering them:

  • Horrible Poet (Choice Encounter) - can be dismissed by:
    • Effect: Etheric
    • Offhand equipped: Survey of Modern Poetry
    • Daily: remove for day with Psychoanalyze him: (needs investigation)
    • Kill him: removes encounter permanently; but adds Migard Security Encounter.
  • Insulting Punk (Choice Encounter)
    • Daily: if you Match him, remove for day
  • The Bum (Combat Encounter)
    • Only when Etheric
    • Has zero reflexes, so can be run away from for zero energy, for a number of times equal to the Square Root of your Reflexes per day

General strategies

Good stats, HP, etc. are useful as many of the Christmas snowman hit pretty hard.

List here any useful techniques, items etc to prep.


Against swarm of tiny snowmen, they ignore all damage over 5, so only quantity of attacks count. Thus, dancing blade (technique) and your favorite melee deck would be slightly better than a straight fire deck.



  • sludge cyberheart- useful for both resisting snowman Etheric attacks and really putting on the hurt with Fire techniques.


If you have the recipe, you might want to stock up on unmelting ice bricks.

Daily Activities


In addition to the drops called out below, most snowmen will drop some number of gnarled branches, lumps of coal, and unmelting snowflakes with a Myers sampling kit equipped.

Also see Snowman opponents for some generally applicable notes.

Opponent Strategy/Notes Notable Drops Unlock Condition
40 HP. Mostly Melee focused, though it does know Frost Breath and Evil Eye. Weak to Fire. silk top hat (restores the one used to unlock it)
frigid scarf
carrot nose
third hand pipe
Use a silk top hat and then adventure on the Quad while Etheric.
20 HP. Not particularly strong, weak against Fire. Mostly uses Melee, but does know Frost Breath and has a weak Ranged technique. Immediately available from Snow Goons encounter.
40 HP. This is where snowmen start to get a bit trickier, and attack power starts getting high enough to need to think about defenses. Has Stealth, Melee and Etheric attacks, as well as the Maw Counterattack which can return your own attack type back at you. It's weak to Fire, which can also block its Viper Lunge stealth attack, but be wary of fire techniques getting absorbed and shot back at you, as some sources of Fire Power may also weaken your Fire Defense. icicle fang Available from Snow Goons encounter when max scariness hits 50.
50 HP. If your Etheric Defense and Fire Defense are equal, you should get the "conflicting forces" result from its Spin Eyes Wildly attack, which is otherwise devastating. It can debuff your ED and throw this out of balance by inflicting Entrapping Gaze with its Focused Gaze attack, but if you own an anniversary pocket mirror, you can prevent this from happening and reflect its gaze to boot. red glass ornament, green glass ornament Available from Snow Goons encounter when max scariness hits ??
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