Cinematic Dodge


Image prototypecoatdodge.jpg
Description A special defense effective against Fire, Melee, Ranged, and Stealth attacks.
Chain 5
Type Evasion
Attribute Reflexes
Base Defense 2
Special Even more cinematic wearing a Prototype Coat

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 2 (M,R,F,S) Non-Undodgeable
You dive and tumble like an action hero.
<Opponent attacks>, but you tumble out of the way, avoiding all but <X> / of the damage.
With a prototype coat equipped 4 (M,R,F,S) Non-Undodgeable; also see notes below
You dive and tumble, your coat billowing.
<Opponent attacks>, but you catch the worst of the attack in your billowing coat, avoiding but <X> / of the damage.


Winning a combat with a prototype coat equipped. Gives one of the following messages, depending on how many instances of the technique you know:

(With no instances known)

You practice a bit after the fight and figure out a way to use the coat to your advantage.

(With 1-15 instances known)

With a bit of practice after the fight, you get better at using your coat to defend yourself.

(With 16+ instances known)

The movies have nothing on you. With a bit of practice after the fight, you get even better at using your coat in battle.


Using this technique to avoid an attack while wearing the prototype coat gives an effect based on the type of damage you avoided. (This technique does not work on Etheric attacks.)

Damage Type Effect Bonus
Melee Entrapping Coat +4 Melee Defense
Ranged Whirling Coat +4 Ranged Defense
Fire Fireproof Coat +4 Fire Defense
Stealth Shifting Coat +4 Stealth Defense

The duration of the effect will equal the amount of damage of the appropriate type that you avoided using the technique. (Note that the effect will appear during combat, so ending the fight will decrement the counter by one). If multiple opponents are attacking you at the same time, it uses the first (left-most) opponent that you block damage, and the effect is applied immediately. You cannot get a coat effect if you already have one active. Unequipping the coat immediately removes all energy of these effects.

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