Clipboard Dilemma



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

Sneaking through the warehouse, you find a worker with a clipboard. Looks like he's taking inventory.

He has a giant stack of papers on his clipboard. Probably tells you where half the stuff in the warehouse is.

Summary of Choices

  1. Ask for the papers - Nothing, get to pick another choice
  2. Demand the papers - Get warehouse inventory, gain +3 warehouse panic
  3. Beat him (evil) - Fight 1 Midgard worker, may drop warehouse inventory
  4. Gun him down (evil) - Get 1 warehouse inventory, +1 warehouse panic
  5. Ignore him/Leave - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Ask for the papers

You walk up to him quietly and ask him for the papers, your biggest fake smile on your face. "Sorry, no can do. Boss says I gotta get this whole row counted by the end of my shift."

(Nothing happens, pick among the remaining choices again)

Demand the papers

"What? Here!" he tosses the papers at you and runs.

You faintly hear him yelling for help in the distance as you slip back into the warehouse.

You found: warehouse inventory

(+3 warehouse panic)

Beat him

You rush the inventory clerk and knock him back into a pile of crates. He stands back up and grabs the nearest wrench, throwing himself at you.

(Fight a Midgard Worker, no rise in panic even if you win)

Gun him down (evil (2))


You wait until his back his turned, then kill him cleanly with a shot to the skull. He slumps to the ground and drops his inventory papers.

You carefully pick up the pages before the spreading pool of blood ruins them.

You found: warehouse inventory

(+1 warehouse panic)

Ignore him/Leave

See Walk Away

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