Code Finesse


Improves your attacks in Net combat.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Code Finesse Bonuses

+3 twitch visor
+1 examination glasses
+1 antique control gloves
Offhand Items
+2 spun lattice
+1 programmatic satire, spooky datareader
+4 prototype coat w/Sloppy Hacker
+3 biofeedback vest
+2 coat of masterful circuitry (while peppy)
+1 coat of defensive circuitry (while peppy), shirt of the hacking gift
+6 refitted Y4 (with Midgard neural expander)
+4 refitted Y4, twitch learntop, twitch PDA
+2 biotech PDA (with Midgard neural expander), Fang PDA (with Midgard neural expander)
-1 unused Y4 (with Midgard neural expander)
-2 monitored Midgard Player
-3 corporate Y5, mock Y5, unused Y4
-5 gold Midgard Player, unlocked Midgard Player
Novos Programs - requires a computer as gadget (processor,memory cost)
+4 filtered HUD manager (1,4)
+3 NovOS HUD manager (1,2)
+2 HUD manager (1,1), inhuman HUD manager (1,3)
+1 eternal martini (1,3)
Oldos Programs - requires a computer as gadget (processor cost)
+5 Midgard Blackthorn (2), network scan (1)
+4 Blackthorn v6 (2), Blackthorn Alpha (3), crystal Blackthorn (2), signal triangulator (2)
+3 eavesdropping tools (1), Blackthorn v5 (2)
+2 daily tester (1), , network interpreter (1)
+1 chaotic firewall (1), chaotic tester (1), fractal tester (1), viral interpreter (1)
Cyberware (cybereyes)
+1 OmniEyes
Cyberware (cyberarms)
+3 gesturing bone arm (with Eclipse)
+1 gesturing bone arm (without Eclipse)
Cyberware (neuralware)
+4 twitch mesh
+2 Midgard neural expander (only with a Midgard PDA equipped), neural mesh, selective mesh
+4 Ancient Code, Blue Eyes
+3 Fractal Understanding, Speculative Fiction
+2 Drunken Hacking†, Wired Hacking
+1 Functionality Patched, Gaming Music
-1 Crashed Control Gloves
-2 Wild Virus

†NOTE: Wired Hacking and Drunken Hacking do not stack.

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