Code On Paper


Image paper.jpg
Description These pages are covered with massive blocks of text that apparently make up computer code. They'd probably do something interesting if you typed them in, but that would definitely take a while.
Type Usable
Requires 1 Energy
Use You transcribe the code and run it to see what happens. It doesn't work at first, but you eventually manage to navigate through the haze of error messages to get a working module.
Multi You transcribe sheet after sheet of code. None of it works at first, but you're elated when it finally clicks.

You parcel it up into usable modules. You have to admit you're glad that's over.
Effects You found: 1 of filtering script, command script, or search script


Drops from the Trash Golem (Open Computer Lab)
Open Computer Lab bookshelf, bottom shelf


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg Paper Mache (x2)
GoldCoins.jpg .06 Goods


Before April 14, 2013, using this gave 1 of File Interface, Networking Code or Math Subroutine.

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