Coding is unlocked by gaining the Simple Coding skill. Coding requires 1 Energy per recipe used.

Successful coding gives one of at least two messages. One of these may correlate with discovering a new recipe.

You slave away at your computer, carefully combining, testing, and refining code:

You created:

You piece the code together and tweak it until it finally starts working:

You created:


See Coding Ingredients


There are a large variety of coding recipes available - looking at the Coding Ingredients page above or Recipes by ID is the most comprehensive way to see all of them.

Here are some basics to get started:

+ Crash Script Command Script Search Script Filtering Script
Networking Functions Remote Crash Script Remote Command Script Remote Indexer Network Defender
Spectrum Transmission Functions Spectrum Crash Script Spectrum Command Script Spectrum Downloader
Secured Transmission Functions Secure Command Script Secured Indexer Secured Filter
+ Novos System Updates Novos Functionality Updates
Networking Functions Security Interface Functionality Interface
Remote Crash Script Updated Crash Script
Remote Command Script Experimental Command Script
Remote Indexer Experimental Indexer
Network Defender Updated Defender

You can also learn the Handscripting to help make the base scripts out of code snippets.

Before the Novos revamp, there were the following recipes; most of these ingredients are no longer available:

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