Cold Coin


Image shinycoin.jpg
Description The strange coin you're carrying has started radiating waves of cold. It's uncomfortable, but fires near it dim and you feel a strange power…
Effects +2 Etheric Power
+2 Fire Defense


Performing an 'evil' action with the unearthly coin equipped, albeit one not depraved enough to warrant a Freezing Coin and not minor enough to warrant a Cool Coin. It is unknown whether the length of the effect varies with the action.

Known trigger actions:

  • Attempting to fighting your way back out through the Slags gate (i.e. entirely needless violence) (5 energy)
  • Attacking two chatting dockhands


It is unknown what happens if you perform another 'judgement-worthy' action while one of these effects is active.

Attempting to fight my way out of the Slags a second time, with cold coin still active, got me no result.

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