Cold Depths


Image blackpurl25.jpg
Description You remember late night infomercials where recruiters in strange robes said there's a pulsing, warm, crystalline light in each person's heart. It didn't make much of an impression at the time, but now you can't help but think about how you feel the exact opposite.
Effects +4 Etheric Power
+4 Will


From using black liquor. (20 Energy, 3 Body)
From using black pearl sludge. (50 Energy, 3 Body)


After winning a fight underwater, gives this message (+2 Will XP):

The chill in the water takes you back to a calm place in the primordial depths where all was black and cold and right.

Or, with cultured pearl, sometimes:

The chill in your blood and the water seeps into your mind, clearing it of idle thought and focusing you on your mission.

You learned a new Technique: Lethal Resolve

Equipping either a cultured pearl or cultured pearl necklace with this active gives an additional (hidden) +4 Etheric Power and +4 Will. Equipping both does not stack.

Enhances Lethal Resolve.

Doubles the duration of an Icy Chip.

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