Collapsed Dorm


This was a temporary <Metroplex U> area available in the aftermath of Halloween 2012.

Enter through the Smoking Pit (must be wearing a containment suit to be allowed entry).

This area does not count as underground.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters miningpick.jpg Mining Encounters

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

          Opponent           Encounter Text Notes
coffee.jpg burrowingdrone.jpg
A digging drone whirrs up to you. You quickly move to the side so it doesn't start dismantling the rubble you're standing on, but it turns to face you again.

After attacking a drone and not winning or collapsing a wall onto a drone?
? burrowingdrone.jpg
You see a strange shape silhoutted by the green light that fills this place. Fortunately, it's just a mining drone.

Unfortunately, it seems to think it's supposed to be mining you.
At some point on November 4th
Eclipse.jpg burrowingcentipede.jpg
Rocks near your feet begin to hiss and pop as a whiplike creature cracks through the stone to bite at your feet.
Eclipse.jpg? RabidWolf.jpg x2
As you pass a pile of rubble, two hunched shapes lope out of it, slipping through corners far to small to fit their bulk. However, your petty complaints about physics don't deter them from leaping towards you with a howl like stones grating together.
Several needler rounds piff piff piff into the rubble near your head. You're not sure whether that qualifies as another warning, but they were apparently quite serious about the first one. No containment suit, after You have to go back
A guard in a full containment suit that roughly matches yours waves you down among the rubble. Then, as you briefly consider how to respond, rushes you with a bestial howl! Wearing containment suit, after something happens?
Through the rubble, you can see the blaze orange flash of a containment suit. A moment later, its owner is barreling down on you with a bestial howl. Not wearing a containment suit, after something happens?
Eclipse.jpg RabidWolf.jpg x3
You can hear the clicking of something moving behind you, some creature prowling through the rubble. But each time you look, there's nothing.

Then, in a mass of smoke and light, three crystalline forms pull themselves from the rubble. Their howls echo through the ruin as they rush you.
Nov 2rd (~3 AM)
Eclipse.jpg ZombieStudent.jpg
A student rises from the rubble near you, rubble falling from him as he rises. It's incredible that anyone survived that head wo… oh no. Nov 3rd
Eclipse.jpg rubblezombie.jpg x2
As you move through the rubble a hand snaps out to grab at you, blackened by frost and scored by a dozen bloodless wounds. As you consider what to do another pushes its way out of the rubble, reaching for you from the other direction. Nov 3rd
Eclipse.jpg rubblezombie.jpg x4
As you move through the rubble, hands begin grasping at you from every direction. Their blackened nails tear at you, scrabbling to find purchase. Nov 3rd
Eclipse.jpg ZombieStudent.jpgx2
You hear the rubble behind you shifting and turn around to find two students reaching out towards you. For a moment, you can let yourself believe they're survivors looking desperately for help, but reality sets in quickly. Nov 3rd (~2 AM)
Eclipse.jpg shark%20hologram.jpg
A shape of pure light and energy swims out of a nearby pile of rubble, looking for all the world like a hologram of a shark. This day just keeps getting weirder. Nov 3rd (~3 AM)
Eclipse.jpg rag%20man%20hologram.jpg
Some instinct commands you to turn around. You're unsurprised to discover that your instincts have proven right once again.

Standing behind you is Matsuo's old foe, the Rag Man, now darkness cloaked in blindingly pure green light.
Nov 3rd (~3 AM), with Channeling Matsuo
Eclipse.jpg skull%20hologram.jpg
There's a startling roar as a pile of rubble near you collapses, revealing a shaft of green light shining into the heavens. A shape hangs in the shaft, a skull large enough to swallow you whole, carved from pure energy. Nov 4th
Eclipse.jpg mummy%20hologram.jpg
A voice behind you rasps "mine, it belongs to me. ME!"

You turn around to find a humanoid being of pure light, extending its as though to throttle you for your insolence.
Nov 4th (~4 PM), only with a laser
Eclipse.jpg spider%20hologram.jpg
You hear the skittering of legs behind you and turn to find… not a dark shape or a serpentine creature weaving through the rubble, but a massive spider woven from pure light. Nov 4th (~4 PM)
You hear a cold female voice behind you. "Don't worry, the newscasts will remember you as a hero, one life sacrificed to save a hundred more."

You turn around to find a gun pointed in your face. Thank goodness she decided to give that little speech or you'd have a bullet in your brain already.
Nov 5th
Eclipse.jpg hologram%20tentical.jpg
The rubble below you grinds, stone against stone, as it's vaporized by brilliant green light. At the bottom of the resulting pit, the light congeals into something resembling tentacles. Nov 5th, late in the day. Gain 1 energy of In a Pit.

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
You have to go back - Once per day, without a containment suit, costs no Energy
coffee.jpg? Improper Burial Gain 6 XP in Perception
coffee.jpg? Mystery Murderess Gain cracked containment helmet, infested containment pants One time only
coffee.jpg? Smoking Emerald Rubble Gain 20 energy of Broken World With insufficient Etheric Defense? (I don't seem to get it with 18.), costs no Energy
Emerald Infestation One of your equipped heavy containment suit pieces transforms into an infested piece instead Nov 3rd
Makeshift Omega Order Collapsed Dorm area is closed off Nov 6th

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

miningpick.jpg Rubble Trouble
  1. Break it up - Gain 4 XP Strength, enhanced with mining weapon or 15 Melee Power
  2. Start looting - Gain 6 XP Strength, or gain a large variety of XP/items
  3. Collapse it - Gain 4 XP Reflexes and Strength, reset some progress in the dorms
  4. Climb up for a look - Gain 4 XP Perception, enhanced with scopes equipped
  5. Leave it be - walk Away

coffee.jpgminingpick.jpg Slow Mining Drone
  1. Help it out - gain 4 XP in Perception and Strength, enhanced with mining weapon
  2. Attack it - fight Burrowing Drone
  3. Topple rocks on it - gain 4 XP in Perception and Strength, slows down mining
  4. Leave it to digging - walk away

(Pretend?) Rescue Team

  1. Ask about the situation - information
  2. Ask for directions - gain 4 XP Perception, or after November 4th, fight Slags Guard (Infested)
  3. Jump him - fight Slags Guard
  4. Just wave - walk away

Buried Student

  1. Clear away rubble - gain 10 XP Will (save a student), or 4 XP Strength and Will, or 6 XP Strength
  2. Release a burrower (with a Burrowing Horror technique known and tome of binding) - lose 1 Burrowing Horror, help dig
  3. Provide medical attention - gain 8 XP Perception, or with 7 first aid, gain 6 XP Perception and Will
  4. Loot the student - gain 1 of: battered cred chip, broken bottle, Metros Special
  5. Finish him off - kills a student
  6. Leave him - walk away

Eclipse.jpg Hounds at Bay
  1. Find a path - gain 6 XP Will, help the hounds?
  2. Release a hound (with tome of binding and Release the Hounds known) - gain 8 XP Will, lose one instance of Release the Hounds
  3. Attack them - fight 4 Twisted Hounds
  4. Bind them (with tome of binding) - fight 4 Twisted Hounds
  5. Leave them - walk away

Janet Returns

  1. Ask her why - information
  2. Ask who she is - information
  3. Add some dynamite (if you have any) - gain 6 XP Perception, lose 1 dynamite
  4. Offer white flakes (if you have any) - gain 6 XP Perception, lose 1 white flakes
  5. Give her back her charge (if you have any) - gain 6 XP Perception, lose 1 thermos charge
  6. Attack her - fight Janet Barsukov
  7. Leave her be - walk away
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