College Druggy



Encounter Conditions

Only on Dr. Thomas quest
Requires a crate of Eclipse in inventory

Initial Text

A young man with messy hair and thick rimmed glasses stands in the quad. As you get closer, you can tell he's reading some obviously drug-inspired poetry.

Looks like a potential mark.

Summary of Choices

  1. Give him a crate (evil) - Lose a crate of Eclipse, progress in Dr. Thomas quest
  2. Trade him a crate - Trade crate of Eclipse for 6-8 of: Castor capsules, megavitamins, painkillers, pep pills, progress in Dr. Thomas quest
  3. Leave him be - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Give him a crate (evil (1))

He looks over the contents of the crate. "Yeah man, awesome! This'll be great!"

He glances around for any law enforcement and, seeing none, drags the crate over to his dorm.

(You lose: crate of Eclipse)

Trade him a crate

"Yeah man, I've got some stuff I can trade for that. It'll be awesome." He hands you a fistful of pills and drags off the crate.

You found: 6-8 of Castor capsules, megavitamins, painkillers and/or pep pills

(You lose: crate of Eclipse)

Leave him be

See Walk Away

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