Combat Stimulant


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Description The use of combat stimulants grew popular during the Orbital Wars, particularly as the nation-states were pushed to the brink. Although most of the addicted have had to move on to cheaper substitutes, there are a few sources of the traditional stims left.
Type Drugs
Requires 6 Body
Use You pop the combat stimulant and feel an immediate rush of energy, as though time is slowing down and personally showing you each thing that might go wrong.
Multi You pop the combat stims, feeling the sudden crushing weight of time and the immense pressure to take it all in. Everything is so dangerous, you can't make any mistakes.
Effects You've regained 15-20 energy!
You've gained 50 duration of Stimulated Reflexes.


Sato rewards


Drop a Combat Stimulant in Liquified Eclipse
Combat Stimulant Liquified Eclipse
= Combat Eclipse
Feed a Combat Stimulant into an Empty Injector
Empty Injector Combat Stimulant
= Stimulant Injector
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Arms
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