Combine Labs

Combine Labs is filled with a constantly churning mass of professors and grad students. The building is immense, with several floors and at least one basement filled with different laboratories.

You look over the directory for familiar names.

Room 16 - Engineering Lab (After unlocking through Hacking)
Room 30 - Open Computer Lab (If any of CS110)
Room 112 - Cybertechnology Lab (If you've heard about it from Boris)
Room 305 - Dr. Amundsen1
Room 309 - Professor Evans (If you've heard about him from the Coding Assistance quest or the Computer Lab Coffee Machine guy)
Room 412 - Dr. Myers2 (If you've heard about him from the Quad or Andrea the Grad Student)
Boiler Room (If you've heard about it from Shard, Lo, David or the drunk Third Eye)


1 Or, if she has not yet been rescued:


This office is completely trashed. Computers, chairs, and paper files have been thrown everywhere. More disturbing, however, is the staring eye painted on the wall with what you hope is red paint.

You take a while to search the office, but if there's anything of value here, you're not seeing it.

And, the first time you search the office (only)

At least that eye isn't the Fangs' symbol. This mess might not be related to Lo at all.

OR if on Dr. Amundsen's Legacy

You take a while to search the office, looking for any student records. It seems like she kept most of the records on her computer, but one stack of print outs are nestled snugly in an overturned desk's drawer.

Strangely, the whole stack seems to deal with one student.

You found: Arthur J. documents

2 If you gave Dr. Myers his sample:

This lab seems to be empty and locked. Doctor Myers apparently hasn't gotten back yet.

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