Command Script


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Description This script makes use of some basic Novos functions to discover and manipulate command objects. That's a long way of saying "it makes computers do stuff."

There are probably better solutions to the problem out there, but this should serve as long as you it connected to the computer in question.
Type Data


View+Command on the Class Files in the Open Computer Lab
Viewing Resource Files

Write four Snippets of Code into a Command Script
Quest recipe: Learn from using Handscripting
computerchip.jpg 4 Code Snippet
= Command Script


Implement a Command Script with Networking Functions
Networking Functions Command Script
= Remote Command Script
Spread a Command Script with Spectrum Transmission Functions
Spectrum Transmission Functions Command Script
= Spectrum Command Script
Protect your Command Script with Secured Transmission Functions
Secured Transmission Functions Command Script
= Secure Command Script
Let some Fractal Code endless rewrite itself with a Command Script
Fractal Code Command Script
= Fractal Loop
computerchip.jpg Gives Code Snippets with Handscripting (not regular-decompilable)
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.
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