Computer Lab


This location can be accessed via the Open Computer Lab in Combine Labs (Metroplex U). It is unlocked by reading CS110 at least once (but you do not need to have Simple Coding).

This location counts as aboveground(?), indoors.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
Eclipse.jpg Writhing Mass As you pass by a row of computers, you hear a low hiss. Half expecting to be attacked by a snake, you swivel to take a look.

A strange, undulated pattern plays out on the screen, accompanied by shrieky music, apparently intended to entertain the student sitting there. As you watch, cracks begin to spiderweb over the screen and a few stray sparks send the student scurrying back.

The screen explodes outward, raining the area in charred glass and metal shards. Behind it, you see a starry void with tentacles reaching out towards you.

Distantly, as though from another world, you can hear students shouting. Most of them are excited that a monitor just exploded, but you hear a few panicked screams about tentacles or stars.
Can give circuit fragments, microcapacitor, scorched glass shards, withered tendrils
Eclipse.jpg Trash Golem As you make your way across the lab, you find an ancient pile of discarded books and soda cans. Even in the midst of the lab it seems a bit… unnatural.

As you focus on it, the edges of your vision begin to blur and you can hear distant music. It doesn't surprise you at all when the garbage stands up and lunges towards you, but you can hear a panicked scream and a distant voice asking "what's that crazy doing?"
Can give you circuit fragments, code on paper, dirty rags, OmniCola, polysteel, trash golem heart
coffee.jpg Midgard Security, Drone Hound A security guard with a hound drone enters the room and charges the moment he lays on you. Damn, someone must have called security. Only if you've received the Scared Hipster noncombat or disassembled a computer, or killed a guard
Eclipse.jpg Midgard Security, Twisted Hound The room seems to stretch on forever, endless monitors and the increasingly sparse heads of students. Sounds seem muffled, making it easy to pick up the click… click… click of claws on the tile behind you.

You turn around to find a strange sight, even by the standards of Eclipse hallucinations. A Midgard security guard, looking very serious and professional as always, is leading around a warped abomination that faintly resembles a hound.

Bone spurs have torn through its skin and its eyes are pools of darkness that seem to hide some greater intelligence, but the guard is acting like he has a normal guard dog or the drones they replaced them with. The guard interrupts your thought process by attacking you. Perhaps that's a hallucination as well or perhaps someone called security.
Only if you've received the Scared Hipster noncombat or disassembled a computer, or killed a guard

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
     Scared Hipster Nothing, other than unlocking above combat Only if you've kill the poet on the quad

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

PDA.jpg Open Workstation
  1. Hack the Novos system - (Requires 1 unoccupied Processor) Leads to Metroplex U Lab Novos hacking
  2. Search for code - Gain command script, search script, or filtering script
  3. Look for games - Play a fishing game, rhythm game, FPS, or chess (determined randomly; details on results below)
  4. Search the desk - Find 2-3 of: caramel bar, frayed cable, Legion Tract, lukewarm latte, Omnicola, scorched glass shards
  5. Harvest it for parts - (Only with salvaging tools/electrical kit equipped) - Gain 4-5 of: frayed cable, circuit fragments, memory stick, microcapacitor, processor chip, thick cabling
  6. Leave it be - Nothing

coffee.jpg Neglected Bookshelf
  1. Check the top shelf - Learn electronics recipe for memory stick, processor chip, safety loop, signal analysis circuit or capacitor array, picked at random. The next attempt teaches you to "extract memories from cooperative or disabled drones." with "the right tools". Subsequent attempts give 2-3 XP in Will.
  2. Examine the middle shelf - Learn (unknown) coding recipe for Optimizing Code, Security Updater, Software Firewall, Vulnerability Tester, or Vulnerability Database. After learning all of the available codes, you gain 20 energy of Ancient Code.
  3. Browse the bottom shelf - Gain code on paper
  4. Leave it be - Nothing

Computer Lab Coffee Machine

  1. Talk to him
    1. Buy some code - (Only after talking about coding)
      1. Networking functions - Gain networking functions for 50 credits
      2. Crash Script - Gain crash script for 50 credits
      3. Filtering Script - Gain filtering script for 50 credits
      4. Command Script - Gain command script for 50 credits
      5. Search Script - Gain search script for 50 credits
      6. Whatever you want - Gain 2 of the above at random for 50 credits
      7. Nothing, thanks - Nothing
    2. Talk about coding - Unlocks the "Buy some code" option
    3. Talk about hacking - Lets you go to Professor Evans's office door in the Lab building.
    4. Talk about hardware - Get PDA chassis for free
      1. Take it - Get PDA Chassis for 100 cred
      2. Leave it - Nothing
    5. Talk about the Slags - Unlocks Slags Communication quest
    6. Talk about antennas - With a helidrone antenna, gain 255 credits, unlocks "Ask about the antenna"
    7. Ask about the antenna - Gain quest recipe for Secured Transmission Functions (After handing over a helidrone antenna)
    8. Leave - Gain Nothing
  2. Buy a coffee/Take a coffee - Gain Horrible Black Coffee 1st time per day, afterwards passable coffee or Horrible Black Coffee, lose 20 credits if the coffee isn't free
  3. Buy a latte/Grab a latte - Gain french vanilla latte, lose 20 credits if the coffee isn't free
  4. Leave in disgust/Leave some for others - Nothing

Lost Programmer - Only if you haven't killed Dave the poet on the quad and security isn't out for your blood.

  1. Give him the Code - Unlocked by offering to help with his project. He will pay 50 creds each for (in this order), a search script, security updater, optimizing code, and software firewall. He will also give you an Omnitech learntop after you give him the last one. He probably moves to the Happy Hour and out of the computer lab, too.
  2. Talk to him
    1. Talk computers
      1. Better get to work - Complains that he doesn't know where to start.
      2. I'll help - Asks for one of four different programs
      3. Walk away - Nothing
    2. Talk Eclipse - Mentions that he can't take Eclipse until he's got this project done. Also that Midgard security guards don't harass Eclipse users like they do other druggies.
    3. Talk art - Describes how the art museum was closed for repairs after his friend the 'ghoul artist' started a riot with his display.
    4. Talk poetry - "Naw, that's more my buddy Dave's thing. Head out to the Quad sometime. You can't miss him."
      if you've owned his buddy with satirical poetry gain ? XP and he laughs about it
    5. Let him talk - Lets him drone on, makes him happier, 2 will XP
    6. Make excuses - Nothing?
  3. Search his backpack - If buffed Reflexes≤5?, get 2 XP in Reflexes. If Reflexes≥11? get 1-3? of: ancient candybar, battered cred chip, Castor Capsule, Half Of A Sandwich, Omnicola, pep pill
  4. Leave him be - Nothing

No Loitering - Only after Walking Away or Hacking the Open Workstation choice encounter.

  1. Plead your case - You get to stay and get 2 xp will?
  2. Leave peacefully - Leave?
  3. Jump him - Fight security guard probably?
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