Concentrated Alcohol Punch



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

The scent of concentrated alcohol clouds the air around a nearby table. Several students seem drawn to it as well, ladling out punch.

Summary of Choices

  1. Drink some - gain 25 of No Pain/Sugar Rush/Halloween Spirit.
  2. Take it - gain underground punch
  3. Mingle - gain 3 XP Will, or if you took punch, fight Skeletal Partygoer.
  4. Jump them - fight Skeletal Partygoer
  5. Leave it - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Drink some

You ladle yourself a serving of punch.

You've gained 25 duration of No Pain.

You've gained 25 duration of Sugar Rush.

You've gained 25 duration of Halloween Spirit.

Take it

You help yourself to the entire bowl of punch. Hey, nobody will miss it, right?

Well other than the people standing here, but some of them are too drunk to follow you and the rest aren't drunk enough to stand up to you.

You found: underground punch


The guests stop drinking for long enough for you to have a bit of a conversation. It sounds like all of them went through with some pretty serious cybernetics, only skipping out on the skulls.

A particularly drunk one confides "Mom and Dad will definitely get me anything I want to replace these now that I have 'em. Jackpot!"

You've earned 3 XP in Will

Or, after taking a punch bowl?:

"Hey!" one of the students points a wobbling finger at your face. "Don't think you can just get away with… getting away with stuff."

He lunges at you.

(Fight Skeletal Partygoer)

Jump them

You jump in. One of the guests is barely drunk enough to stand, let alone escape you, while the others scatter.

(Fight Skeletal Partygoer)

Leave it

You leave the students to enjoy their punch.

(Walk Away)

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