Concert Starting Soon



Encounter Conditions

After 20 turns at the party

Initial Text

The end of the ballroom away from the stage seems to be emptying a bit, probably because people are expecting the main act to get here. It might be worth heading that way and waiting for them.

Summary of Choices

  1. Head towards the stage -
  2. Keep mingling -

Choice Text and Results

Head towards the stage


You wait for a while and eventually a ripple passes through the crowd as Emily Davers, who's been arranging this whole party, takes the stage.

She picks up the microphone from the stage. "Hello everyone, welcome to the Metroplex University Halloween blowout!"

Surprisingly enthusiastic cheers echo up from the crowd, echoing deafeningly in the ballroom. She waits for what seems like hours for the cheers to die down.

"And I'd like to welcome our special guests, Emerald Gift!" And here are the cheers again.

Some of the students remain fixed to their spots in rapt attention, but others continue milling around. Emerald Gift launches immediately into the first set and you can't deny it's good background music.

You've gained 50 energy of Emerald Gift Live.

Keep mingling

You decide to keep mingling for a bit.

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