Containment Helmet


Image containment-hat.jpg
Description This is a serious gas mask. It covers your whole head and has seals to connect to the neckline of a shirt. It really looks like part of a hazardous materials suit, right down to the blazing orange plastic.
Type Hat
Hidden Flags Air filter, Air Recycler (only with two additional containment suit parts equipped), Containment Suit Outfit


Drops from Slags Guard
Salvaging Heavy Containment Helmet
Encounters in the Midgard Laboratory: Bored Guard, Lab Locker Room, Abandoned Operating Room, Addict By Osmosis, Shadowy Form

Expand a Gas Mask with Sealant Patches
Gas Mask Sealant Patches
= Containment Helmet
Patch a Cracked Containment Helmet with Sealant Patches
Cracked Containment Helmet Sealant Patches
= Containment Helmet


Line your Containment Helmet with Metallic Powder
Containment Helmet Metallic Powder
= Heavy Containment Helmet
toolbox.jpg sealant patches (x1), polysteel (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Goods
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