Having a utility oven installed in your dwelling.

If you have learned some cooking recipes in a past life:

Memories of Experiments
Something about this seems strangely familiar.

If you uninstall your oven lab and then try to craft:

You need an oven to cook.


The basics of cooking can be learned through reading Introduction to Baking and Baking, Vol. 2. Additionally, if you have the Chef skill, you can experiment to create many additional dishes.

Normally, once you cook 8(?) unique recipes from Introduction to Baking and/or Baking, Vol. 2, you learn the skill Chef. However, if you have taken an orange juice sample the previous day, you can learn the Chef skill your first time cooking with the message "Oh! This totally makes sense!".

All recipes are lost on reset, but regained if you re-acquire the skill.


However if you have the Chef skill, you can experiment and create many more items by combining two ingredients.

See cooking ingredients for a list of experimental ingredients.

Creating an item gives this message:

With a little patience and some experimentation, you create something new:

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