Crackling Defense


Image Static%20shield.jpg
Type Defensive system

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
3 Offense, sometimes You smash the shield, but it responds with an attack of its own. Your hardening blocks it, but takes 1-2 hardening. 4-9 Gain 3 XP, removes routine
3 Offence You smash the shield hard enough to crash it, but its 1-2 hardening retaliation crashes your session in return. Disconnect
3? Offense You smash through the shield before it can conjure a response. 4 3 XP, removes routine
3 O + 1 D You smash the shield. It remains whole, but you're able to block its counterattack with defenses of your own. ?
5 V + 1 C
You root around, looking for a back door that apparently doesn't exist. ?
View This shield is brilliant in a way, designed to redirect invaders attacks back at their own systems. It'll certainly lose some effectiveness due to the differences in architecture, but there's still nothing pleasant about punching yourself in the face. ?
The shield doesn't respond to your batch, just hovering and crackling. 0-1


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