Crafting is the art of combining two or more items into a single better item. So far there are six forms of crafting in the game:

Crafting Type Source Description
WeldingTorch25.jpg Armory utility blowtorch in inventory Use a blowtorch to upgrade weapons and armor
ChemKit25.jpg Chemistry chemistry lab installed Science experiments and mad science experiments
computerchip.jpg Coding Simple Coding skill Combine code segments to create advanced programs
oven25.jpg Cooking utility oven installed Combine various ingredients to make tasty dishes
toolbelt.jpg Electronics electrical kit in inventory Upgrade devices with additional circuits
ButcherKnife25.jpg Sushi sashimi knife in inventory Make delicious treats with fish and such
pileofjunk.jpg Simple From multi-using some items and other oddities
Other pseudo-crafting types
CoffeeMachine25.jpg Coffee stolen coffee pot/Lattes! latte machine installed Make coffee from coffee grounds
Protein25.jpg Protein Analyzer protein analyzer installed Break down organic matter with radiation for information and/or residue
toolbox.jpg Salvage salvaging tools in inventory Break items down into component parts
paper.jpg Handscripting Handscripting skill Break data into code snippets
computerchip.jpg Decompile Using decompiler or derivatives No longer exists: Break data into component parts
dustW25.jpg Powder Pouring Using mysterious puzzle box or Ecofuel flamethrower Seed with powders for various different effects

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