Crash Avoidance


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Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
3 Offense You take out the crash avoidance system. Unfortunately, even without that system, there aren't actually that many drones in the air. It's unlikely you'll get to see a spectacular midair collision. ? Gain 2 XP, removes routine
1 Offense,
2 Command,
The Crash Avoidance system seems pretty busy with something, presumably avoiding crashes. It doesn't pay your batch much attention. ?
View From the documentation on this routine, it's part of the system developed at the request of the Metroplex government to help prevent drone-drone collisions. From what it says, there wouldn't normally be many collisions, but this software aims to take that number from "almost none" to "actually none". ?
4 C
4? C + 2 O
You drop some phantom signals into the crash avoidance system, sending the drone on a merry ride, but the system self-corrects before it can do any damage. 2 XP
C+V You feed some false data to the drone and study the responses.

The system is lightweight but it's obvious a lot of thought went into it. It distributes the computation and tracking over the whole drone network, so studying one part isn't particularly illuminating… although it is pretty interesting.
? 3 XP Perc
3 C+ 5 O You drop a number of false signals, steering the drone towards one of its kin nearby. Then, before the Crash Avoidance can self-correct, you bring down the system… a moment later, you can see an explosion over the lake.

It's not as spectacular as movies would lead you to believe, but no less satisfying for all that.
? 4 XP


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