Crash Avoidance Filtering


Image shippingdrone25.jpg
Description You're hooked into the Crash Avoidance system that's required to be used by shipping drones flying over Metroplex. It should make it much, much easier to find those drones.

Unfortunately, "required" doesn't always mean "implemented." It turns out a lot of drones, even those plying the unfriendly skies over the Slags, don't have the requisite hardware and software.
Hidden Flags Filtering Effect


Temporarily tune into drones' crash avoidance with a Filtering Script (0 Energy)
Quest recipe: learn recipe from Hive Guidance
computerchip.jpg Filtering Script
= You've gained 20 duration of Crash Avoidance Filtering.


When active, it presumably filters out only drones from the Shipping Drone Net, (on the shoreline and high-altitude sites) that have a Crash Avoidance Routine active.

Activating another Filtering Effect with this effect active converts all duration of the effect to duration of the new filter.

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