Crate Shipment



Encounter Conditions

Only when you control the area in gang warfare

Initial Text

A dockhand looks startled to see you coming. "Ahhhhh, hi boss. We were uh, just getting ready to get you some crates, I swear."

Summary of Choices

  1. Get some crates
    1. The Zaibatsu - Gain damaged Zaibatsu crate
    2. The Omnitech - Gain Omnitech supplies crate
    3. The smuggler's - Gain smuggler's crate
    4. The unsorted - Gain 3-5 crates of stolen goods
    5. Nevermind - Nothing
  2. Make him an example - Fight a dockhand, who drops of the above options; triggers Cool Coin
  3. Get the Fang's Money (evil) - Only when helping Fangs in Docks Quest
  4. What about trees? - Option to get a fake Christmas tree, or unlock some elsewhere? Only during Christmas 2010
    1. Just for me -
    2. Here at the Docks -
    3. In Southside -
    4. At the University -
    5. Never mind -
  5. Wave him off - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Get some crates

"Ah, yeah, sure thing. We've got a couple good ones in that 'fell off the ship'. Well, this Zaibatsu electronics one actually fell off the ship. Should still be good though."

"We've got an OmniTech one that was headed for a convenience store, one from the old smuggler, and a bunch more we haven't sorted through. What'll you have?"

The Zaibatsu

The dockhand nods and hands you the damaged crate. "Of course. Here ya go!"

You found: crate.jpg damaged Zaibatsu crate

The Omnitech

"Of course," he nods. "Here ya go! One OmniTech convenience-store-in-a-box." He chuckles as though he'd just said something hilarious and hands you the crate.

You found: crate.jpg OmniTech supplies crate

The smuggler's

The dockhand pokes around a bit and pulls a slightly damp crate from beneath the pier you're standing on. "That's the one."

You found: crate.jpg smuggler's crate

The unsorted

He nods and gathers up some crates for you. "Have the whole load. We haven't sorted them out yet, but there's bound to be some goodies."

You found: crate.jpg 3-5 crates of stolen goods


Walk Away

Make him an example

The other dockhands busy themselves with menial tasks as he struggles to find a way to defend himself.

The coin in your hand turns cool. (With unearthly coin equipped)

(Fight Dockhand who drops crates from one of the above options)

(If you kill the dockhand, replaces this choice encounter with Your Cut for the rest of the day)

Get the Fang's Money

His eyes widen. "Oh, yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't know <gang name> were working with the Fangs."

He swallows hard. "Here, just don't hurt me."

You gained 20-28? credits!

What about trees?

He nods. "Ooof, I can get some tress, for sure… not a lot though. Where do you want them?"

Or, if you have already shipped trees that day:

He shakes his head. "Sorry, I've managed all I can with those today."

Just for me

Here at the Docks

"Don't think I can manage that one, sorry. I mean… I can get you some trees… but the guards would just kick the crap out of us the moment you're gone."

He shakes his head sadly.

In Southside (Unlocks trees in some encounter in Southside Park?)

"Oh?" He cocks his head to the side.

"Suppose I didn't have you lot figured as the 'alms for the poor' types… err, no offense. We'll get a bunch over there." He runs off to get things organized.

At the University

He scratches his head. "You secretly going to college?"

"Nevermind, we can get a whole shipment up there. Sorry I asked. On it." He runs off to get things organized.

(Unlocks Free Trees (Quad))

Never mind

Wave him off

Walk Away

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