Crate Towers



Encounter Conditions

None, now that the stage has been set up

Initial Text

You can hear mutters of discontent from behind one of the towers of empty crates. A small clique of students has formed, complaining about how they worked so hard on building the stage but still haven't been given tickets to the concert.

You can't help but notice they're definitely not working now while other students are still breaking their backs elsewhere in the ballroom.

Summary of Choices

  1. Give a pep talk
  2. Hand out fliers
  3. Hand out Eclipse
  4. Watch them
  5. Topple the crates
  6. Ignore them

Choice Text and Results

Give a pep talk


You begin talking excitedly about Emerald Gift and how awesome the party's going to be, trying to get them pumped up. It doesn't really seem to phase them, although they do get back to work.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Hand out fliers

The students take them and begin loudly discussing how disappointed they are that they haven't gotten Emerald Gift tickets yet. When no one swoops in to give them tickets, they consider the pamphlets more seriously.

Hand out Eclipse


You go to each student, handing out Eclipse like candy to eager trick-or-treaters. One seems a bit uncomfortable, but they all down the small white pills.

The one who seemed uncomfortable a moment ago stares around the ballroom, mouth agape. Well, it seems you might have made a convert.

Watch them

You keep an eye on them for a while. They seem upstanding, if boring.

Eventually they grow uncomfortable under your stare and return to work.

Topple the crates

You collapse the whole pile of empty crates on them, then slip to a safe vantage point where you can watch the chaos unfold. The crates don't weigh much so they don't seem to have killed anyone, but there were a bunch of injuries and a whole lot of chaos.

And, of course, a giant pile of broken crates the workers are going to need to clean up now.

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