Creative Hollowness


Image crumpled25.jpg
Description You've reached that place every writer reaches at some point, often moments after getting their first idea down on the page. You feel hollowed out, just a husk, with all your ideas spilled out on paper like your lifeblood leaking out.

Don't worry, you'll feel fine once you spend a little time out in the world gathering new inspiration.
Effects +2 Etheric Defense
-4 Etheric Power


From using a classic writing desk. (20 Energy)


If you have Creative Hollowness and gain turns of Etheric, you will lose turns of Creative Hollowness for each turn of Etheric gained.

If you still have Creative Hollowness active after subtracting, and gained at least 20 turns of Etheric, you get:

You've learned a new technique: Hollow Gaze

Creative Hollowness enhances Hollow Gaze.

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