There's nothing quite as wonderful as money!
There's nothing quite as beautiful as cash!


Item Credits Gained
watch of tomorrow 220-300
regal crown 218-297
Omnitech Employee Chip ~225
ancient gold coins 75-100
ostentatious blade 70-100
actual antique watch 50-70
lake pearl 50-60
silver blade 40-60
gold necklace 40-50
coder's watch 35-40
signed fable 30-40
gold foil 18-22
silver ingot 10-20
water sapphire 10-20
black pearl ~125
gold cred chip 50-200
blackmail material 37-187
raiding database 51-60
fresh cred chip 20-50
battered cred chip 1-10
empty can 5

†(not all numbers are accurate, sorted by highest possible credit gain)


Little Eddie's
Mikhail's Deli
University Bookstore

quite a few miscellaneous encounters

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