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Type ??

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense ≤ 2 You crack into the system's filters, momentarily overflowing them with data. Hmmm, if you could get a command in there in that instant, you should be able to hijack the links running through here.

You'd really have to time it just right, though.
Offense ≥ 3 Your attack crashes through the filters protecting the crosslink system… and the crosslink system itself.

It flickers and crashes, probably leaving some very annoyed Metroplex U students in their dorm rooms.
4-8? 1 XP, removes routine
Offense then Command You break through the system's protection temporarily and hijack the pending links. You track most of them back to <link(s)>.

Those connections should still be good for a few days, so you can check them out from the Net when you're done here.
4* At higher command, gain more links
Offense then Command You break through the system's protection temporarily and try to hijack the pending links… it just doesn't respond.

You double check your work, until you realize you're the only person actually looking at the site. Ouch, guess they're not as popular as they thought.
? Some trigger for unpopularity
It looks like the system has some sort of filter set up. At the very least, it's completely ignoring your attempts to feed commands through. ?
View This looks like a pretty normal Novos cross-site link routine. It's supposed to handle requests, clean up sessions once they've gotten too old, and all that.

It should be possible in theory to hijack some of those connections from this side and get access to those systems. Unfortunately, it looks like the Novos designers had the same idea.

They put some filtering over the thing, which will intercept your commands unless you take it down first. You'll just have to be carefully you don't overshoot and crash the whole thing.
The crosslinks handler methodically logs your commands. ?

* Seems to be 4 unsubtle for 1 or 2 Command. Perhaps different for using more command and getting more links at once. Needs spading for how much Command you need to get more than one link.


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