Crystal Alpha


Image CrystalAlfa.jpg
Combat Name Crystal Alpha
HP 80-150
Stats Perception: ?
Reflexes: ?
Strength: ?
Power Melee: ?
Ranged: ?
Fire: ?
Etheric: ?
Stealth: ?
Evasion: ?
Unopposed: (Some?)
Defense Melee: 10
Ranged: 10
Fire: 8
Etheric: 18
Stealth: 12
Reactive: (None?)
Awards 8 XP
You found: (One of) Living Crystal Mask or Living Crystal Vest or Living Crystal Legs (sometimes)



Technique Chain Power Dam Type Notes
Brutality 2 4+1 5-10 Melee (normal)
'' 4+4+1 9-15 Melee (unopposed)
Howl? 3-0? 0 Untyped Revives all downed Twisted Hounds or If All hounds are active, does one attack from each of them worth of damage


On Defeat

The hound hisses at you, an unnatural sound, even as the crystals of its body start to crack and break. With a final snarl it dashes back into the nothingness that gave way before it.


One of the pieces of crystal it shed still seems to hold that strange sort of light. You grab it.

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