Crystal Blackthorn
crashedprogram.jpg This program was designed to run in Oldos.
* It will still run on modern devices and will still provide the bonuses listed as "Effects", if any.
* The "Tools" it provides were part of Oldos hacking and no longer do anything.
* Crafting recipes involving it still exist but include components that are no longer available.


Image gemd.jpg
Description This surprisingly coherent program combines extremely old code with modern work. The older code provides an intuitive, if processor intensive, interface, while the newer code provides a suite of tools to use from there.
Type Program
Requires 2 Processor
Tools Password Guesser, Corrupt Datastream, Inject Code, Junk Data, Rapid Testing, Prism Spike, Blackthorn
Effects +4 Code Finesse


Note: The following recipe still exists but one or more ingredients are no longer available.

Weave Crystal Tester software into Blackthorn V6
Requires Advanced Interpreter
crystal tester Blackthorn V6
= crystal Blackthorn


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