Crystal Blood


Image Gemmed-Puzzle-Box25.jpg
Description You can feel them catching inside your body, tiny crystals wandering through your blood. It's terribly disconcerting, but you're sure it'll go away eventually.
Hidden Flags Blood Effect
Effects Triggers defense when enough blood is spilled


If you emerge from a fight victorious but significantly wounded, trade in 5-10? energy of the effect for 5-10? turns of Crystal Armor:
"Your blood runs from your wounds, hardening into a crystal armor around your body. Well, it'll probably prevent that from happening again."

If you lose a fight, lose all energy of the effect for 25-30 (depends on how much you had remaining?) energy of Crystal Armor with the message: "Your wake up several minutes later, when your blood has collected around you into a crystalline cocoon. As cool as that is, it
would have been cooler a few minutes ago."


crystal dust (2 Body, 25 energy)

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