Crystalline Flame


Image Crystal-Fire25.jpg
Description From a distance, you might mistake this strange chunk of greenish crystal for oddly colored fire. Even holding it in your hands, feeling the strange cold, the light plays off it to remind you of dancing flames.

You've heard these were part of a crystalline tree that had grown in the wreckage left by a disastrous Halloween party at Metroplex U. Midgard apparently wanted it to study, and you can imagine why, but Zack in Southside got ahold of them first.
Type Weapon
Effects +4 Etheric Power
+2 Melee Power


Zack's House of Coins, originally released on November 25, 2009 (2 unearthly coins)


Winning fights with the crystalline flame or one of its upgraded forms equipped and an Etheric-type effect active charges the flame. At 16 charges it will change into one of three tier 1 forms, depending on which effect you have active. At 32 charges it upgrades to its tier 2 form if you have either Ocean Eyes or Fae Eyes. The glimmering flame does not seem to have a tier 2 form, but if you acquire one of the 'sight' skills it can become a drowning or (presumably) serene crystal (and retains its charges). When the flame changes form, this message is displayed after combat:

The crystal flame in your hand grows suddenly cold and glows with a strange green light.

Etheric Effect Tier 1 Form Effects Tier 2 Form Effects
Etheric glimmering flame +5 Etheric Power
+3 Melee Power
[none] [none]
Fae Sight ringing flame +5 Etheric Power
+3 Melee Power
+3 Evasion Power
serene crystal +5 Etheric Power
+5 Melee Power
+5 Evasion Power
+1 Eclipse Duration
Ocean Sight whispering flame +7 Etheric Power
+3 Melee Power
drowning flame +9 Etheric Power
+5 Melee Power
+1 Eclipse Duration

Broken World, Muffled Sight, and Slags Poisoning also work as basic Etheric

Fighting with any form of the crystal equipped can teach you several techniques:

While not Etheric, using Melee techniques:

Fighting with this crystal requires some strange adaptations, but you think you're getting the hang of it.

You learned a new Technique: Crystal Strike

While not Etheric, using Melee techniques, with Crystal Body, Crystal Eyes, Crystal Grace, or Crystal Mind active:

The energy of the crystal continues to burn inside you, binding you closer.

You learned a new Technique: Fist of the Herald

With Ocean Sight active:

The crystal in your hand grows suddenly dark, as though it's become a gateway to the endless void of space or the depths of the ocean.

You learned a new technique: Crystal Gate

With Fae Sight active:

The crystal in your hand rings with a faint sound like distant bells and flickers with light that beats in the same time.

You learned a new technique: Defensive Burn

Using any upgraded version of the flame gives X energy of one of the following effects, where X is the number of charges in your flame. This causes the upgraded form to revert back to an uncharged crystalline flame. Only one of these effects can be active at a time; using an upgraded flame again will replace all energy of the old effect with the new one (eg. I had five turns of Crystal Eyes left when I used a serene flame with 32 charges, resulting in 37 turns of Crystal Mind and no Crystal Eyes).

If your lowest stat is… …gain energy of… …with the following text.
Perception Crystal Eyes
+4 Perception
Slightly Increased Chance of Perception XP
You stare deeply into the crystal, feeling its power pouring into your eyes. Neglect and lack of experience in your new life seem to wash away, rendering the world as clear as the crystal.
Reflexes Crystal Grace
+4 Reflexes
Slightly Increased Chance of Reflexes XP
You stare deeply into the crystal, feeling its power drive you and your body. A rhythm you hadn't noticed catches you, moving with the strange grace of the crystal's curves.
Strength Crystal Body
+4 Strength
Slightly Increased Chance of Strength XP
You stare deeply into the crystal, feeling its power pouring into your body. Little-used muscles tighten, becoming as resilient as the crystal.
Will Crystal Mind
+4 Will
Slightly Increased Chance of Will XP
You stare deeply into the crystal, feeling its power render you speechless for a moment. Weakness and doubt flee your mind, leaving you with a purpose as clear as the crystal you hold.

Additionally, using a drowning flame or serene crystal grants the Voice of Wrath technique, along with many possible messages (see item pages for details).

Technique Summary

Chain Technique Type Attribute Base Dam/Def Notes
crystalstrike.jpg Crystal Strike Melee Reflexes 2 +3 damage when your Etheric Power > oppnent's Will
heraldsfist.jpg Fist of the Herald Melee Will 3 +9 damage when Etheric
crystalgate.jpg Crystal Gate Etheric Will 10 +5 damage underwater or with Blood of the Ancients
defensiveburn.jpg Defensive Burn Evasion Reflexes 5 +6 power and also does damage following etheric techniques
wordsofwrath.jpg Voice of Wrath Etheric Will 12 does damage if you or your or opponent is taking Eclipse, +8 if both are

Other Uses

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.

Remaining Mysteries

From Podcast 6:

It would be unfair of me to say that there are undiscovered forms. There’s some stuff coded in that you won’t be able to get to for a while. Forms that you can get to are all found.

(Kinak has hinted strongly that these forms will be available when it becomes possible to take skills from a previous incarnation into a new run, making it possible to have both Ocean Eyes and Fae Eyes simultaneously.)

From Podcast 12:

The messages [for using a serene crystal or drowning flame] themselves don't actually do anything, but you might, by watching them carefully, across multiple players, you might find something.

(This may be referring to how players who were present for Halloween 2009 can receive messages that differ depending on how they interacted with the Herald of Flames.)

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