Cultured Pearl


Image blackpurl25.jpg
Description You've heard that they can create ridiculously large pearls in labs now, in a whole range of bizarre colors. This looks like a massive black pearl, not that you have a ton of experience with the real kind, but smells faintly of chemicals.
Type Offhand
Sell Your buyer seems pretty dubious, but can't resist the pearl's luster. It actually seems a little strange in retrospect.
Gain ~233-252 credits
Multi Your buyer seems extremely dubious, but eventually caves and offers you a fairly sizable sum, weakened by the pearls' luster. It's kind of weird, now that you think about it.
Effects (Hidden: +4 Will and Etheric Power with Ocean Eyes and Cold Depths active)


Sometimes, with this equipped and Cold Depths, (and Ocean Eyes?):

The chill in your blood and the water seeps into your mind, clearing it of idle thought and focusing you on your mission.

You learned a new Technique: Lethal Resolve

Expand a Black Pearl with Black Pearl Sludge
Black Pearl Black Pearl Sludge
= Cultured Pearl


Bracket a Cultured Pearl with two sets of Tiny Black Pearls
Quest recipe: Learn from using a limnology video
pileofjunk.jpg Cultured Pearl, 2 Tiny Black Pearls
= Cultured Pearl Necklace
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .20 Goods
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