Custom Avatars

In game description of custom Avatars:

There are a lot of Avatars in the game already, but if you want one to specifically represent your character, you can purchase them through Zack's House of Coins in Southside. The resulting avatar will be drawn by Puyo (who does all our art) and available in-game just like a normal avatar.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

It will probably be weeks from when you request the avatar until it's available, especially if a lot of people are interested. Please be patient.

There's only so much stuff you can fit into 100 x 100 pixels, so don't go too overboard on the detail.

The avatars do have to match Metroplexity's tone. Obviously, there's a lot of variety there, but avatars should be basically human, no more offensive than cannibalism, and generally fit somewhere into the world of Metroplex.

We won't duplicate any existing in-game avatar. You still need to earn or discover those.

Multiple Avatars
You can donate for as many custom avatars as you want, but you can obviously only set one to be your active avatar at a time.

If you have questions before you submit your request, feel free to message Kinak in-game.

For a list of custom avatars that have been given out, see Custom Avatars by ID.

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