Custom Avatars By ID

This is a list of all custom avatars that have been drawn:

# Image Name Title
1 1-1.jpg Kinak "Kinak is secretly Lo"
2 202-2.jpg Al "Spidermaster"
3 2822-3.jpg Valmo "Gone Fishin'"
4 140-4.jpg Mag "Incarnations"
5 199-5.jpg Cryptodynamic "Omega"
6 2806-6.jpg Barton26 "Inferno"
7 2897-7.jpg PenguinPyro "Slash and Burn!"
8 478-8.jpg Happy Yeti "So Very Happy"
9 1180-9.jpg The Fop "Gentleman Ne'er-do-well"
10 1-10.jpg Kinak (Thanks PenguinPyro!) "In the name of the Eclipse, I will punish you!"
11 48-11.jpg Vholes Piper "Piper of Hameln"
12 2822-12.jpg Valmo "Diogenes"
13 199-13.jpg Cryptodynamic "Vampodynamic"
14 202-14.jpg Al "Snow Avenger"
15 199-15.jpg Cryptodynamic "Snowborg"
16 1649-16.jpg DoctrZombie "Zombie PhD"
17 140-17.jpg Mag "Out of My Depth"
18 1554-18.jpg Arkaim "Failed to get Focused Mind 50 Times in a Row"
19 2822-19.jpg Valmo "Looking for a village."
20 2822-20.jpg Valmo
21 4389-21.jpg milesdoes "The first request is always the least creative"
22 4445-22.jpg goku "Over 9000"
23 202-23.jpg Al "Sufficiently hacky" (with thanks to goku for the avatar)
24 199-24.jpg Cryptodynamic "Celebrate Metroplex Day"
25 4389-25.jpg milesdoes "Clobberin' time"
26 4445-26.jpg goku "Snakey Suspect" (unrelated from my persona)
27 4445-27.jpg goku "Dapper Saiyan"
28 4445-28.jpg goku "Post-Halloween Saiyan"
29 4445-30.jpg goku "Santa Saiyan"

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Long before in-game custom avatars became available, Sir Cheddar made special arrangements with Puyo to get a special image he uses as a forum avatar:

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