Cyberbowl Ball


Image Cyberball25.jpg
Description Designed to be awkward for even the strongest cyberenhanced humans, this ball is one massive lump of dense polysteel. As such, it's not great for carrying around unless you really need everyone to know how big a Cyberbowl fan you are.
Type Weapon
Requires 6 Base Strength
Effects +6 Melee Power
-6 Evasion Power


Purchase at the Cyberbowl Promo Store for 30 Cyberbowl Promo Codes.


Using a practice pass with this equipped gives Cyberbowl Rush.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any sort of crafting.
toolbox.jpg polysteel (x1), polysteel (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .16 Goods
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