Cyberbowl Promo Store


Welcome to the Zaibatsu Hightech Super Caramel Bar Cyberbowl Ultimate Giveaway!

With the promo codes from Zaibatsu Hightech Super Caramel Bars, you can get all sorts of Cyberbowl, OmniTech WildCats, and Integrated Rams merchandise*! Trade them in today!

*Not all merchandise is available in all legal jurisdictions

Unlocked by eating a caramel bar with a PDA equipped and getting a Cyberbowl promo code, after having found a promo code on a university net site.

The Cyberbowl Promo Store is an NPC store that only accepts, appropriately enough, Cyberbowl promo codes in exchange for sports memorabilia.

Item Cost
caramel bar 10 Cyberbowl promo codes
inflatable Cyberbowl ball 15 Cyberbowl promo codes
practice pass 20 Cyberbowl promo codes
Cyberbowl ball 30 Cyberbowl promo codes
WildCats memory 40 Cyberbowl promo codes
Integrated Rams memory 40 Cyberbowl promo codes
WildCats helmet 60 Cyberbowl promo codes
Integrated Rams helmet 60 Cyberbowl promo codes
Cyberbowl chipdeck 100 Cyberbowl promo codes
commemorative cyberarms 250 Cyberbowl promo codes


When purchasing:

Buying from Cyberbowl Promo Store
You trade x Cyberbowl promo codes.

You bought: <item>

If you try to purchase a WildCats memory, Integrated Rams memory, or Cyberbowl chipdeck, it will display the following message:

We're sorry, but we are not allowed to provide you with one or more of the item(s) you requested due to your laws. Please contact your local government, ownership, or corporate council with any concerns.

Once you've seen this message, you can disable this restriction by hacking into Personal Data on the Cyberbowl promo backend site.

If you try to purchase items you can't afford:

Buying from Cyberbowl Promo Store

You don't have <amount> Cyberbowl promo codes.

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