Cybersafety Seal


Image Maintenacne-Seal.jpg
Description In theory, these seals mark cybernetics that have been verified to have no offensive capabilities and carry manufacturing details imprinted on circuits integrated with its fragile surface. This seal in particular has been carefully removed from its natural environment and should be able to cover a new implant with a veneer of legitimacy.

From what you can tell, it's just one part of a larger system verifying the integrity of the cybernetics. You're not sure how well all that works out, but most places trust them because the alternative is disassembling visitors cyberware.
Type Misc (Quest)


Salvaging any of the following cyberware when on the Yakuza Job quest:

When salvaging these items after having started the Yakuza Job quest, receive one of the following results in addition to the normal salvage results (Expert Salvager may help with this — needs investigation):

These seals tear surprisingly easily, but you suppose he did warn you.


You found: cybersafety seal


Apply a Cybersafety Seal to an Unsealed Cyberblade
Unsealed Cyberblade Cybersafety Seal
= Sealed Cyberblade
Apply a Cybersafety Seal to an Basic Cyberblade
Basic Cyberblade Cybersafety Seal
= Sealed Cyberblade
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.
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